About Me

I love investing 💸 and working on projects that help me grow. As a developer🧑‍💻 starting new projects and trying the new frameworks that show up is my go-to thing. I have worked with PHP, Rails, React, Vue, Angular, Swift, and a lot more to get different perspectives on all the approaches they take. As an investor, the idea I go for is to invest in companies that I am eager to follow. I will always try to use their product first and base my investment on the impression I get. I'm a very long-term investor. I'm always thinking in decades.



Rails Developer, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, SCSS · We share free design resources and premium icons and ui kits that we at EpicCoders make.


Lead developer, Ruby on Rails, Vue.Js, PostgreSQL · I created the payroll system as a main feature. I refactored the code to help with the growth of the team.

Hubstaff Talent

Simple job board website with no bells and whistles.



Co-Founder, Oct 2012 - Present


Senior Full Stack Developer (Ruby on Rails + Vue.js), Jun 2014 - Present


Languages & Frameworks

JavaScript (ES6+), Node.js, Express.js, React, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Vue.js


MongoDB, PostreSQL, MySQL


Docker, Amazon Web Services (AWS), CI / CD, Microservices, API design, Agile / Scrum